Submetering is defined as the installation of water sub-meters into individual units within a multi-family development (i.e. apartment community, condominiums, mobile/manufactured home communities, etc.).

In Florida, a multi-family development, apartment or condo complex, or multi-unit development may have either one master meter for the entire development or a meter for each building and the development is responsible for the entire water and sewer bill.

The best choice is to have a reputable company with a great track-record come in to ascertain the options available to you.

Sub-metering Solutions for Apartments, Condos, Commercial, Marinas, Student Housing, Mobile Homes & More

In today’s economic climate it is important for property owners and management companies to account for and recover any operating costs that they can. Accounting of a facility’s electric, gas, and water consumption can be consuming and very labor intensive.

By utilizing the newest technology available, facility managers can lower their costs and measure/account for all energy costs and recover those costs from the tenants.

Cities available for Sub-Metering